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Myself is Jitendra Chauhan (Jc), an educator by profession and a blogger by interest. When the CORONA pandemic hits and WFH is the new normal set, the entire 2020 was confined in our homes. The work schedules, answering kids infinite questions and living 24 x 7 x 365 with your spouse prompted me to have some ME time.

I have a long desire to create a blog of my own but never find time or zeal to act upon it. Now is the perfect time to start and act on it.

My blog is dedicated to entertainment, movies and pages on personal development. Not limited to this, as i get time i will continue to add latest trending topics.

Here is the link to some pages of my blog. Please have a look and share your comments and suggestions :

1- Antarvaani on Movie Review Writing

Courtesy: nick_unsplash

2- Film Review Mimi – A womb on Rent : Surprisingly dramatic (

3- Life’s Awakening (

Photo by- Abbat_unsplash

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