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The main purpose of a movie review is to bring your audience an honest and unbiased opinion about the film, its ideas and the purpose of making it.

Normally the common mistake that many newcomers might commit in reviewing a movie is that they become judgemental or inclined more towards a specific actor.

While movie review gives the writer the freedom of expression but he must remember to be concise in his approach. And let the reader decides on their own whether he wishes to see it or not?

Moreover, the audience going to understand the overall gist of the movie through your eyes- the way you have analysed the plot and characters of the movie.

Hence, movie review entails more responsibility on the reviewer in terms of writing, vocabulary skills and portray of various characters.

Overall it is your capability on how cohesively and logically you sum up the content such that you would be able to leave the reader with a sense of confidence, trust and satisfaction.

Steps – Movie Review Writing

1 – Drafting the Movie Review

The starting sentence must be compelling: You want to get your audience glued to the review presented immediately then it is necessary to make your opinion clear in the very beginning itself. It is good not to keep the readers in the fix for long and let them know about your ratings at the earliest. Then prove your point with facts and figures in the later part of your blog. The words used must be interesting, compelling and intriguing.

2 – Gathering the Source Material

The details and facts about the movie is a pre-requisite as it is needed to write a review. What’s the point if you can’t back up your writing with facts from the movie. So, gathering the basic information is what needs to be done before sitting to write a review. The information needed is:

  • The director of the film
  • The title and release date of the film
  • Star cast in the film
  • Genre it belongs to

When you sit to watch the film, it’s necessary to take notes and write down all interesting facts that appeal to you. You can’t remember all minute details for long so taking notes is the best way so that you can always come back later to binge upon if the need arises.

It is always better to watch the film at least twice or thrice. You always find some new insights and ideas which you missed in the first round before writing the final review.

3 – Composing the Movie Review

Now, at this stage, you have enough ideas and material to compose the review. It must be your original and unique ideas that bring new insights to the reader community. Give your readers the feel and plot on which the film is based.

Connect – with your readers by digging out something new and telling them how the film is different from its peers. In doing so always remember not to spoil the sport by revealing too much about the film in your movie reviews. Keeping the language simple without the use of too much jargon is the key to any successful review. That’s because your readers are from diverse backgrounds, cultures and ethnic groups. So simplicity is the key.

Engage – your readers by discussing interesting elements from the film in paragraphs viz., direction, acting, cinematography, location, music and so on. In doing so always support your opinions with facts and figures. To make your point you can quote dialogues if needed to keep the interest of your reader’s alive. In this way, you can give your readers the overall gist of the movie without revealing too much and also present your point too simultaneously.

Conclude – by keeping up with the originality of your ideas and the overall theme of your review. Clearly tell your reader’s as to whether they should vouch for this movie or not. The suggestions put forward in your concluding paragraph must be compelling and significant to the readers.

4 – Finishing Touch to Your Piece of Art

Editing – Now, after creating your first draft, it is necessary to edit the review word by word and line by line. Delete the unwanted words or sentences or add new material if required to make your writing more crispy and to the point.

Proof-reading – Check your review for all typos, spelling errors, grammatical errors. Check if the names of actors are correctly spelt. It looks very annoying and cheap if such silly glitches are found at this level. This will eventually undermine your trust with the reader. Hence, a well structured and error-free page is what shines and stick in the memory of the reader.

Publishing – your movie review after following all the precautions is very joyful indeed. Put your post on as many platforms as possible. Be it your blog, Facebook account or Insta. After putting on such a show you definitely deserve a fair discussion on your review because you know readers comments whether good or bad eventually help you in the long run.

Congratulations and thank you for reading. To visit this site.

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